ALEX NYE IS BACK!!! (That makes me sound like Batman!)

DARKER ENDS is on its way! To get to the point, I’ve just signed a contract with Fledgling Press for my third book!  I met Clare at the National Library where I’ve been giving workshops on the Jacobites.She said I would recognize her as she has ‘purple hair’. I’d say plum, but definitely in that area. We shook hands over the cheese scones and pots of Earl Grey, and I felt as light as a feather, as if I could float up to the ceiling. It’s been six years since I’ve signed a contract for a new book – and this was a long time in coming. I’m delighted. So I’ve got a new website to prove it, and this week is busy busy with a school visit to Lawhead Primary in Fife on Thursday, then the YAY Festival in Cumbernauld on Friday (THE FIRST EVER BOOK FESTIVAL FOR YA FICTION IN SCOTLAND!) inspired and organized by my friend Kirkland. Then a mad dash in the evening over to Edinburgh for the launch of the Children’s Book Festival there! Authors are busily exchanging emails on how to manage public transport around Cumbernauld in a sensible fashion – while I try to work out how to send a group email without sending it back to myself!!!!