Recent and Upcoming Events

Speaking live on BBC Radio Scotland to Fiona Stalker about Mary Queen of Scots and my historical novel FOR MY SINS.

I’m currently delivering a series of 10 creative writing workshops to Braidhurst High School as part of their Drive to Literacy. I work them hard, but they are enjoying themselves, honestly. Here they are writing their first ever prose poem, and unearthing gleaming results. They’re a quiet bunch, but as you can see, they are allowed to stand up sometimes.

I’m also working as a Creative Writing Mentor as part of the Scottish Book Trust’s What’s Your Story programme, mentoring two exceptionally gifted young people, during which I’ve had to learn sign language. Our surroundings at Moniack Mhor were very conducive to creative writing. We had the cottage to ourselves, complete with roaring stove and the entire collection of the Scottish Poetry Library on the shelves.

For World Book Week, I’m in Sandaig Primary for two Art of the Ghost Story workshops on 6th March, and on 7th March (World Book Day itself,) I’ll be appearing in the Mitchell Library, the Burns Room at 10.30 am and 1.30 pm as part of the Aye Write/Wee Write’s schools programme. Last week I was in Wishaw Library for two sessions with local school children, who prepared for the visit by reading Chill, designing covers and drawing pics of what they thought I should look like.

Then on Tuesday 12th March I’ll be in the auditorium at the wonderful YayYA Festival, which draws in schools from all over Glasgow and beyond, curated by… who else? Grand Master of Design, Kirkland Ciccone.



While final proofs of DARKER ENDS are being prepared, I’m excited about the fact that the book will be launched not only in Edinburgh, but also in Glasgow for which I have a very soft spot. When my first book CHILL won the Scottish Children’s Book Award in 2007, I was asked to speak to a large audience at the AyeWrite Festival by popular demand – from those who mattered i.e. Glasgow school-children. I was very nervous as it was one of my first big audiences as a public speaker. It was in the Mitchell Library, a huge and interesting building (with its own rumours of ghosts) which you whizz past on the M8 if you’re cutting through Glasgow. It seems that DARKER ENDS (set in Glencoe) will have a launch at the Mitchell during Book Week Scotland.

Why stop at one launch? Why not three? And at one of them I’m going to endeavour to have cake with a book cover icing of DARKER ENDS, so that people can eat their way through the atmospheric shadows and darkening mood… hopefully it won’t give them indigestion.

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