What you can expect from an author visit if you invite me to your school, library or other venue.

My keynote is to be inspirational, and to bring an honesty and passion to the talks I give. In a one hour session I am happy dealing with any number of children or young people, and am flexible to the needs of the school or project. My aim is to enthuse, inspire and encourage.

I use stories, sounds and images to inspire creative thinking, I talk honestly and candidly about the writing journey in a way which I feel is enlightening and refreshing. I also liken being a writer to the Iceberg Illusion and speak in a way which the Young People can relate to. I bring my own ‘props’ along to create a candlelit atmosphere (health & safety, they’re battery candles) and I can guarantee your audience will be both moved and wowed! I use spooky images and sounds to bring my talks to life, and Margaret Houston, Head of Library Services in Mitchell Library did recently say, and I quote “I can honestly say that’s the best presentation I have ever seen!”

I delivered a series of workshops at the National Library of Scotland called JACOBITES: GHOSTS OF THE PAST to tie in with their exhibition celebrating the Jacobite Rising 1715.

I have spoken to audiences of 400 at the Mitchell Theatre in the Mitchell Library Glasgow, and LOVED it. I am also a teacher, and a creative writing Tutor and Mentor with the Scottish Book Trust.

I am currently offering:

workshops and author visits for 9-12 suitable for P6s & 7s

workshops and author visits for S1s – S3s

Educational/ creative writing workshops for any age group, including adults.

(You can download a Teachers’ Notes pack from Floris on either Chill or Shiver.)

How much does it cost?

My usual fee is £150 plus travel expenses for a one hour session, in line with Scottish Book Trust Live Literature suggested rates, but do contact me with details of what you have in mind and I’ll let you know my fee for your event.



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