Young Fiction

On the run, can Hani and Mia survive?

Hani is 12 and invisible, and yet everyone wants to capture him. After escaping from Syria with his sister, he finds himself working in atrocious conditions somewhere in Scotland. When his sister disappears, he begins a perilous journey to find her, across some of the wildest terrain in Scotland. Mia is also on the run, and sometimes it feels as if she will never stop running. When she helps Hani escape from his captors, the two become inseparable. Her dream is to reach the island where she was last happy, when her parents were alive, and find the little house she believes they still own. Once we reach the island, she tells Hani, everything will be okay. But their journey takes them into dangerous landscapes, hunted by dangerous men, chased through a system of underground flooded caverns while a great storm sweeps the coast. Whatever happens, Mia knows that she must help Hani to find his sister. What they will really find at the end of their journey may come as a surprise to both of them.

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ISBN-10: 1912280280 / ISBN-13: 978-1912280285

The ghosts of the recent past mingle with the dark events of 1962.

When the leader of Clan Campbell authorized the genocide of a whole community as they slept in their beds before dawn, those who survived – women and children – struggled their way up into the lowering mountains of Glencoe. But what happened to them? Did they live to tell the tale? Two children, a brother and sister, wait in a lonely inn for their parents to come home, while a storm closes in. They have only lived at the inn for three days. Maggie, the eldest, seeks to reassure her younger brother, who is asthmatic and nervous. When a stranger’s car is marooned in the river below, and he knocks at their door for shelter, the long night darkens. All is not what it seems, and Maggie and Rory are about to learn what became of the so-called ‘survivors’ of Glencoe.

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ISBN-10: 190591606X / ISBN-13: 978-1905916061

Winner of The Royal Mail Book Award.

The Morton family are cursed: their house is haunted by eerie footsteps, a ghostly figure and whispers in the night. Fiona and new neighbour Samuel investigate the hauntings and discover a deadly tale of betrayal and revenge, and a family secret long forgotten. Trapped by snow and ice, can the friends escape the chill or will the Morton children be doomed to repeat the past forever?

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ISBN-10: 1782501495 / ISBN-13: 978-1782501497

A scream in the night, a hidden staircase to nowhere and a ghostly face

Dunadd House still has secrets. For over 400 years something has been hidden in old Dunadd House, and as another dangerous winter descends Samuel and the Morton children discover it’s not just the cold sending a shiver down their spine: not all their ghosts have been put to rest. Can they unravel the family secret before they’re forced to leave their home forever? The bone-chilling sequel to Chill.

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ISBN-10: 1782501509 / ISBN-13: 978-1782501503