Scotland’s FIRST EVER YA Book Festival – WATCH IT GROW….!

Had a writerly lunch with my friend Kirkland Ciccone who always inspires me. Kirkland is very busy organizing and finalizing arrangements for the SECOND EVER YA Book Festival in Scotland. (Last year was the FIRST EVER!!!!!) He’s our team leader/organizer/coach/etc galvanizing and encouraging the rest of us with his usual indefatigable enthusiasm and wit. England has its own YA (Young Author) Book Festival, but Scotland did not – so Kirkland had the brains and passion to think “I’ll create our own festival.” That’s what he did for the rest of us, and it will keep growing year by year, with the support and encouragement of the rest of the writing community, plus schools and libraries. Kirkland has a great line-up, including Estelle Maskame, and the debut novelist Victoria Gemmell. I think I’m getting a shot in the auditorium this year. Schools from all over Scotland have booked, and Kirkland will be performing this year too – which is always a treat. He is amazing live, and teenagers always love him. I think he deserves a big THANK YOU!


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