Writers of the future

Just wanted to add a quick blog post mentioning Carron Primary School on the edges of Falkirk, near SkinFlats. Mr Shanks’ P5 class are studying CHILL at the moment, and their teacher has inspired them with trips to Sheriffmuir, explorations of the whole Jacobite story, art and in a million other ways. When I went to share my story with them, of how I became a writer, and what I was doing and how I saw the world when I was their age, they were delightful. What really inspired me was the fact that I picked up there were in particular two or three genuine writers of the future. A couple of the boys were extremely keen, had their own notebooks at home where they wrote their stories, and sometimes you can just TELL. It’s the look in the eye, the concentration, the pitch perfect understanding. They don’t live in what would be seen as a middle-class area with every advantage available, but some of those P5s have raw talent as writers, and all of them deserve access to books and to libraries…iphone 2439


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