Edinburgh Launch

The first launch of DARKER ENDS went very well in Edinburgh Central Library and some old friends turned up. We headed off to the Elephant house after for tea, where I soaked up a bit more inspiration for my Mary Queen of Scots novel, glimpsing the castle from a back window!

Still building up for launches during Book Week Scotland at Mitchell in Glasgow and Dunblane Library. Hopefully I’ll not accidentally blind the audience with the laser ¬†on my clicker this time! Remote clicker for changing slides! Unbeknown to me the red eye was travelling over the audience and teachers were glancing around looking for the guilty culprit/pupil with a laser pen. Sorry, it was me!!!


Have also been delighted by the first reviews of DARKER ENDS, especially from one 14 year old called Jake at St.Thomas aquins RC High School in Edinburgh, who said “it’s one of those books you have to keep reading!”


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