Ready for the Big Push!

I’m in training, mentally psyching myself up for going over the top of the dug-out into the enemy fire of publicity/exposure! Actually what I have noticed is that since doing amateur dramatics in my local dusty church hall, my confidence & ability to relax in front of an audience is huge now. It’s just clicked. Which is what I need if I’m to perform ok for the 400 pupils who’ll be coming along to the launch at the Mitchell Library in Glasgow for Book Week Scotland.

I’m slightly worried they’ll find some of my slides a bit bizarre & surreal. I got carried away with the typewriter images! BUT I am going to talk very candidly about writing, and about my own experiences in a way that young people can relate to. After all, I was their age when I set out on this path!!! Now that I’m nearly 33 the same passion for writing holds true!

I shall also talk about my pet subject of course! Scottish history and why it’s all so tragic and interesting! I had the nicest endorsement of DARKER ENDS yesterday at st. Thomas Aquin’s RC High School in Edinburgh. A few S2 pupils interviewed me for the Teen Titles magazine. Jake (14 years old) told me as we were walking along the corridor to the library that he was reading the book and that it was one of those books where you HAVE to know what happens next! Best endorsement ever! Thank you to those pupils for their excellent questions. When asked how many hot drinks I get through in a writing day I could tell they were impressed when I started counting up to 7 on my fingers. “We’re talking pots now, people, not cups!” Eyebrows were raised and there was an exchange of looks! I can certainly handle my Earl Grey… Especially in a vintage china cup & saucer!



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