“Emphasize your contradictions,” a friend advised me the other day. Twenty years ago I was pushing a pram through the busy streets of London’s Greenwich Village, recognizing famous actresses (Humphrey Bogart’s wife who did a butter advert in the Nineties, for example) and on another occasion Glenda Jackson who was sitting in the chair next to mine at the hairdressers. “Isn’t my life exciting, I thought?” as I breathed in the pollution, dodged the ruthless drivers, and drank water with bugs floating in it. A few weeks later I crossed Hadrian’s Wall into the Northlands, where ancient Picts used to wander about looking fearless and mysterious, to the extent that even the Romans were frightened to go any further. In short, I moved to Scotland – where I have lived ever since, and where my children grow up feeling entirely Scottish. I fell in love with Scottish history, and that love affair continues to this day. During my first winter up here, blizzards struck. I was surrounded by storms, blizzards, the tragedy of human conflict, darkness… I was in heaven. I’d found my own Wuthering Heights to write about…

My third title DARKER ENDS is being released by Fledgling Press on 26th October, and launched in the Mitchell Library’s lovely Theatre to a large audience of Glasgow school children at 10.15am on Tuesday 24th November. Why stop at one launch? Why not have three? You can also hear me speak about why I love writing dark stories for young readers at Edinburgh Central Library on Thursday 5th November at 10.30am, and at my local Dunblane Library at 7.30pm on Thursday 26th November.

My previous two books, CHILL and SHIVER, explore the Jacobites, including the finding of old journals, maps, treasure and jewellery – artefacts which tell their own story – while a ghost haunts the library of the big house on Sheriffmuir. CHILL won the Scottish Children’s Book of the Year Award in 2007, the year after JK Rowling won it, says she, dropping names.

Fast forward to…             2015-09-08-Front Cover-FINAL (1)

DARKER ENDS is set in Glencoe, and touches on the dark events of 1692, when the leader of Clan Campbell authorized the genocide of a whole community as they slept in their beds. Those who survived – women and children – struggled their way up into the lowering mountains of Glencoe, but what happened to them? Did they live to tell the tale?

Meanwhile two children wait for their parents to come home while a storm closes in. When a stranger’s car crashes in the river below and he seeks shelter at their inn, the long night grows ever darker. All is not what it seems…

It has been six years since my last book launch, and all I can say is that “Rumours of my death have been much exaggerated.”




  1. WELL DONE! I remember meeting you for the first time nearly three years ago, and of course my first question was, “When’s your new book out?” The look you gave me! But I’m glad you’ve finally put something out. And Darker Ends will be as wonderful – and creepy – as your other books. I can’t wait.


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