Figures disappearing into the mist…  I’m very excited about this book, once again inspired by Scottish history. I’m being interviewed by the Scots Magazine on Monday and am wondering if I should call myself ALEX NYE, THE MOST SCOTTISH ENGLISHWOMAN IN CHILDREN’S FICTION.

DARKER ENDS is set in Glencoe this time, and touches on the dark events of 1692, when the leader of Clan Campbell authorized the genocide of a whole community as they slept in their beds. Those who survived – women and children – struggled their way up into the lowering mountains of Glencoe, but what happened to them? Did they live to tell the tale? Meanwhile two children wait for their parents to come home while a storm closes in. When a stranger’s car crashes in the river and he seeks shelter at their inn, the long night darkens. All is not what it seems…

I am so delighted to be returning to the book scene and can only say that “Rumours of my death have been much exaggerated.”


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