Final proofs of DARKER ENDS at stroke of midnight

Proof of the Pudding: I returned the final proofs of DARKER ENDS to Fledgling Press last night, just after the witching hour, ready for the mysterious process of formatting and typesetting. It’s just two months until we launch it, and I shall be literally throwing myself at librarians and schools across the country, doing everything known to man and woman (within reason) to (ugly word coming) promote the title. The Brontes didn’t have to do it – but we do. Can you imagine Emily Bronte trying to tweet and FB? Or snapchat? Not that I’m saying I’m as good as her, it’s just that she is my main inspiration.

Coll and Inspiration: Talking about being inspired, have just returned from camping and cycling on the Isle of Coll. There’s a danger I might become a bit poetic in a minute. Coll is one place where I could… wait for it… feel the spirit of the earth moving. I come over very Native American when I’m on Coll, as you can see from pics. Also, good omens were felt. On the boat on way out I met another Fledgling author for the first time, Julie Clarke who has written Becoming Julie. Then, I met Sian Rushent, a jewellery designer from Glasgow who was staying in the Coll Bunk House at the same time as us. She said she was inspired by Scottish myths and had just downloaded a book called SELKIE GIRL. Guess what? It was my book. She read two chapters of it on the sea shore and when she looked up, a seal was watching her… I warned you I was becoming poetic.

As I cycled through the dunes I could hear the reedy breath of the wind whistling through the machair – a high-pitched lament. (I noted that down in my notebook at the time)




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