Signing Books in Waterstones, Stirling


They had piles of CHILL and SHIVER dressed in their nice new covers, so out came the magic marker pen and a few dozen books later I had elbow cramp. It’s an industrial hazard, but you can’t claim for it – you just feel lucky to have it at all!

DARKER ENDS – did I mention that title before? – is at proof-stage. Finished and complete, ready for November, with a beautiful cover being designed by Fledgling’s talented artist, Kylie. Clare Cain is so easy to work with, it’s a joy. Am clicking away at the keyboard and have 23,000 words of FOR MY SINS (Mary Queen of Scots’ novel). By the end of the summer I’ll have a finished first draft of 70,000 words. At the moment I’m spending half my waking life spirited back into sixteenth century Scotland, where conspiracy and intrigue are haunting the corridors of Holyrood, Stirling and Edinburgh Castles. It’s dead exciting, and I feel very lucky to be doing what I love.


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